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Google & Yelp Reviews - Aliso Viejo Self Storage - 949.360.0800

Megan Sterling - 5 Stars Google Review
Aliso Viejo Self Storage is a great and safe place for storage. The facility is very clean and provides excellent security.

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I have found the perfect place for my storage needs. Gigi and Cindy could not be anymore helpful. This place is clean and has great security system. I checked other places out and this place by far is better. I highly recommend them.
I have my most PRECIOUS POSSESSIONS stored in two spaces at Aliso Viejo Self Storage and I've had to access them MANY TIMES over the years. The facility is ALWAYS well maintained and the sercuity is FIRST RATE with cameras everywhere. The Fire Department is less than a block away and the Sheriff's Department is just around the corner. The owners and the people who work there are VERY FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL! I have been at this facility since 2007 and have NEVER had any problems which is AMAZING AND TRUE! I consider it an HONOR and a PLEASURE to write this review - They have earned EVERY WORD!

Linda Goveia - 5 Stars
I have been extremely happy with the Aliso Viejo Self Storage facility on Journey. I have have had a unit there for several years. Not only is the location convenient for me, every time I go, the place is always clean and well maintained. If I ever have a reason to go into the office the people there are always very nice and are able to help me with whatever my issue may be. I will continue to keep my space there for as long as I need it. :-)

Peter Alami - 5 Stars
I have been a client of the AV Storage on 36 Journey for almost 20-months and, despite other facilities offering somewhat cheaper options, I have not regret renting here. The staff is always most cordial, they even call me by name which is welcome, even the corporate office has been most helpful at times of special needs. The facility is always clean. Thank you Aliso Viejo storage for your great service.

Anthony Arrigo - 5 Stars
I had looked at a lot of places to store my work equipment and toys while I was not using them and Aliso Viejo Storage was the cleanest, most secure place I had found. I stop by quite a bit, and more than anything, I have to say the people there are really nice and welcoming. I recommend Aliso Viejo Storage highly.

Armando Cardenas - 5 Stars
There has been no problems in this storage. The place is clean and secure. The people who work here is friendly and the placeis located in a nice and protected area.

Jason Peshek - 5 Stars
FYI! I have been storing all my beautiful possessions here at Aliso Viejo Self Storage for many many years. Renting all different sizes. They are very professional and clean. It has truly beenTHE BEST all around storage center that I have ever utilized.

Kati Z - 5 Stars
I highly recommend Aliso Viejo Self Storage for their excellent service and clean and welll-run facilities. Customer Service person, Andrew, really listens to your needs and makes helpful recommendations for storing your possessions.

Tonya Fracchia - 5 Stars
Very happy with this storage unit. They are extremely helpful and kind. The units are clean

Dennis Devenney - 5 Stars
Stars Excellent staff and great location with excellent rates. Best place to keep your personal belongings

Megan Sterling - 5 Stars
Aliso Viejo Self Storage is a great and safe place for storage. The facility is very clean and provides excellent security.

Patrick Golez - 5 Stars
I’m Annette and I have been a tenant here for the last 8 years and i am very happy. The facility is fabulous! The girls at the office, Mayette and gang are fantastic and excellent helpers. Facility is verg clean and everything smells good specially the ladies’ room. If you want cold water to drink, they have it and it’s free. Highly recommended to friends and family.

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